Generally, we don’t verify our Helpers — Why?

3 min readJan 23, 2023

Verification of our domestic helpers is mandatory and legally obligatory in India. Besides, it is also good to have the background of the helper verified and cross-checked before hiring. It is essential for security reasons as well as to have proper knowledge about the person who is going to work for you at home. Verification of domestic helpers should be considered a process similar to the verification of employees that employers undertake when taking in recruits. However, domestic employers do not generally pay much attention to this aspect — probably because the hiring of a domestic helper is still not taken too seriously and formally recognized.

What are the reasons behind this lackadaisical attitude towards verifying domestic helpers?

There are multiple reasons behind this. Some of the common ones are:

  1. Missing Knowledge or Ignorance
  • Indian domestic employers are still not aware that they need to have the background of their new maids and domestic helpers verified before they start work. Lack of knowledge or ignorance is one of the main reasons, especially in smaller cities and towns. A lot needs to be done in India through law enforcement agencies and government officials in popularizing the concept of verification of domestic helpers. The digital medium and social media platforms are used for spreading awareness about this process but still, people either ignore or do not act the same responsibly.
  1. Habit
  • habits stick with us for longer durations. Many owners are aware that they need to verify their maids and domestic helpers but still are lazy to go ahead and complete the process. Some do it as a habit. Whatever be the requirement, they just do not wish to comply with the legal rules and regulations and even if it is for their benefit, they will not just initiate the process. Today, verification of helpers is an easy-to-do process but still many domestic employers do not get the job done because of their habit and lackadaisical attitude.
  1. Inconvenience
  • a formal process done where authorities and police personnel are involved takes too much time and is considered an inconvenience by most employers. The general perception is that it takes times time and is a complicated process. The fact is that the verification process has been made simple now, but people still stay away from the verification process thinking that is problematic and challenging.
  1. Cost
  • domestic employers stay away from verification of maids because of the costs involved. Though the costs are minimal and quite affordable, still many homeowners do not pursue the process because of the perceived high value of costs involved. They feel that it is a waste of money and time, both.
  1. Complicated Procedure
  • homeowners and domestic employers stay away from the process of verification of their domestic helpers because they believe that the process is complicated, time-consuming and requires running from one government department to another. These are again perceptions that are misconceived and lack information. In India, the general attitude towards any process that involves police and government officials is that of being wary and doubtful because people believe that many obstacles are making the method cumbersome and complicated. The truth, however, is that the job involves a straightaway process — where a filled-up application with the documents need to be submitted at the relevant office.
  1. Missing Documents
  • of maids and domestic helpers require submission of valid and official ID of the person. Often, the helpers are illiterate and not aware that they need to get their official documents made. In the process, when they join work, they are not carrying any official identification document. This way they do not have proof of their identity which serves as a reason behind not getting the domestic employee verified by the employer.



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